Do Greensboro Rats Sleep During the Day?

North Carolina rats are sleepy heads. They will need a great amount of sleep. If they have been awakened while they are in their deep slumber, they may act agitated and bite. Rats will usually spend most of their day sleeping. Nonetheless, they can also remain active depending on what is happening in their surrounding and the season. If you encounter them at daylight, they may be disturbed by a predator or they may hunt for food especially when they are nursing their young.

The Sleeping Habit of Greensboro Rats
Rather than to sleep all day, rats will often spend a couple of hours sleeping and then wake up to groom themselves and to play. After this, the rats will go back to sleep. The rats that belong in a large colony will have a shorter sleep. Solitary rat will be sleeping since they do not have any companion that they can spend their time with.

Rats are Nocturnal
Being nocturnal means that rats will sleep during the day and be active at night. The rats will start to be active at dusk. They will be prepared to hunt for food and play. It would be easier to notice their presence if you wake up at sunrise. It is rare to see a healthy rat active at daytime. However, seeing them active during the day does not instantly mean that they are rabid.

Rats Active During the Day are Rabid?
There are different reasons why the rats will be active during the day. As we mentioned above, rats can be disturbed with what is happening around them. For instance, if a predator attacked their den or if they have been displaced, it is highly likely for them to be active. The mother rat will also be searching for food actively when they are taking care of their young ones. Rats that are found in the wooded and dark areas can also remain active at daytime.

They will be active at day at about 30 minutes before sunrise and another 30 minutes at sunset. However, they will not necessarily make a move particularly if there are signs of human activities. During the day, if the rats were able to establish a safe path, it will not be impossible for them to stay active. In order to determine a rat with rabies virus, you will have to look for other signs of the virus such as acting aggressively, being lethargic, and excessive drooling.

Rats Sleep Longer than Humans
All living things need sleep. However, the way they sleep and how long will vary. The elephants, for instance, can recover their full energy if they were able to sleep for at least three hours. This is exactly about half the time that we humans need. The rats, on the other hand, will sleep at an average of 14hrs/day. This habit is related with their metabolic rate which is the rate that the energy will be produced by their body. This energy enables the rats to run, fight, grow, and reproduce.

When in the wild, the rats will sleep while concealing their presence to avoid drawing the attention of the predator. Even the domesticated rats will need to look for a cover to sleep.

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