4 Home Remedies that Will Help You Get Rid of the North Carolina Raccoons Naturally

Greensboro raccoons are undoubtedly one of the most destructive urban mammals. They have successfully integrated themselves in the community that allows them to look for an accessible shelter and food source. Unfortunately, conflict with homeowners and our pets can arise due to their habit. They have sharp claws and they are agile that enables them to climb the higher areas of our house. They have a habit of destroying and ravaging our vegetable garden.

Homemade and Natural Solutions That Will Get Rid of Raccoons
Avoid using chemicals when dealing with the Greensboro raccoon invasion. Some of them are illegal and they are also hazardous to our health. Here are the organic and natural solution that will help you avoid the damages caused by raccoons.

Waste Management System
Raccoons are scavengers and they will usually be attracted by our garbage. To ensure that you will not be visited by this nuisance creature, you need to have a good waste management system in place. If possible, you should only take your garbage outside once the garbage collector arrives. If not, then it should be covered with a secured lid. You can also use bungee cord or place a heavy item on the cover such as cinder blocks. Put the perishable wastes in the bottom. Clean the waste residue outside the garbage can to avoid drawing the interest of the raccoon.

Adopt a Dog
The best deterrent against the raccoon is perhaps a guard dog. Dogs are territorial creatures and with their amazing sense of scent, they can immediately determine if someone is trespassing on their territory. Raccoons are not aggressive, and they will immediately flee if they have been confronted by our dog. However, the raccoon may also retaliate if they feel like they are threatened.

Playing Radio
Raccoons hate the signs of human activities. Some people will spread human hair on the access point of the raccoon, and they will find it quite effective. Another method to take advantage of their fear against human is to play a radio close to their denning area. Tune it into the talk station. The sound does not necessarily have to be loud since you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. The sound will simply have to be audible for it to be effective.

Water Sprinklers
A motion activated sprinkler can irritate the raccoon and encourage them to avoid your house. Placement of the sprinkler is crucial. You want to make sure that it will reach the usual path of the raccoon. However, this will only be a short-term solution. Raccoons are known as a clever and crafty creature. They will soon find a path that is outside the range of the water sprinkler. If none of this homemade solution helped you in getting rid of the raccoon, you should try to contact a local wildlife removal agency. They will not use a toxic and chemical solution when driving the creature away. They are armed with effective and natural method that can help remove the raccoon legally and appropriately.

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